Action Self-Defense Testimonials

Action Self Defense

Was a great class thank you for setting this up. I will encourage my daughter and her friends to also take this class.

Action Self Defense participant

What a wonderful learning experience. I enjoyed the class and spending time with everyone. And to have someone like Diane to share her experience and information made the night very special.

Action Self Defense participant

Had a great time and learned a ton! What an inspiring woman Diane is! Wow! Thanks for organizing, Martha!

Action Self Defense participant

I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching me in self defense class on Saturday. I really enjoyed learning from you – you are so good at what you do and you make it so much fun! I love how you themed our class on "empowerment"

ASD Participant, Female

I just wanted to personally thank you for a wonderful and informative two-session self defense lesson! Your personal attention and heart-felt concern for my safety made me feel safe and absorb what you taught me much more than I ever anticipated. You are an inspiring soul!

Action Self Defense participant

This was great! I really feel more self confident!

ASD Participant, Female, Age 3

Thanks so much to Diane for the wonderful presentation. She made the self defense seem easy and doable.

ASD Participant, Female, Age 23

Now I will stand up to a bully! (And Ms. Reeve is funny!)

ASD Participant, Child, Age 11

Fun, informative and necessary program - I would recommend it to everyone

ASD Participant, Male, Age 42