Action Self-Defense F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Why take a self defense class–wouledn’t martial arts training be more effective?

While most martial arts training does include self defense techniques, most Karate schools emphasize physical conditioning, forms (or Karate patterns), and lots of repetition. They also require uniforms, examinations to increase rank, and lots of protocols such as bowing, etc. While there are those who will benefit from all this, taking a martial arts class will require a long time to become proficient in the self defense aspect of training. ASD provides efficient and effective training in a shorter time frame by eliminating the conditioning, bowing, etc., and simply covering the material you are interested in: SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUES THAT REALLY WORK!

*Will I be able to defend myself after only 1 class?

First, after only 1 ASD self defense class, you’ll be better prepared to not have to defend yourself because we will help you improve your awareness and preparedness against an attack. Second, while there are no guarantees, we know the techniques we teach Really Work against bigger, stronger attackers. However, like anything, to become proficient, you must practice, and a refresher course every 4-6 months is strongly recommended.

*How much does it cost?

Our programs are reasonably priced based on the number of hours of training and the number of participants. Discounts are available for charitable organizations. Corporate rates may apply for company team-building programs. Private lessons are also available at a reasonable cost.

*Will my self-confidence really improve?

Absolutely. Our programs are designed to help you feel good about yourself and your ability to handle threatening situations.

*Do you teach rape defense?

Yes, our programs cover prevention (i.e. how not to be selected as a victim), date rape, acquaintance rape, and stranger rape-in home, business, or travel situations.

*What if I really don’t want to hurt another human being?

While we recommend doing whatever is necessary to escape and thwart an attacker, we recognize that some people (particularly women) are simply unwilling to inflict harm on another human. For these individuals we will teach you other defensive maneuvers to help you escape a daunting situation. While we strongly recommend physical defense, certain mental strategies can be effective.

*What if I need to reschedule or cancel a class?

Our top priority is getting you the self defense training you need to better protect yourself. If you have a scheduled class and will be unable to attend, call at least 48 hours in advance to let us know. If you have provided that notification, we will try to move you into the next class with registered students. Deposits and payments are non-refundable and reschedules will only take place with at least 48 hours notice.