About Action Self-Defense

About Our Company

In the wake of recent terrorist & kidnapping events, Action Self Defense (ASD) was founded on the premise that no one should be defenseless against an unwarranted attack.

With this in mind, we have developed practical, real-world, self-defense tactics to enable and empower everyday citizens to successfully defend themselves.

Our courses are designed for average people to learn simple yet deadly techniques to escape and (if necessary) disable or destroy an attacker.

Formed in 2003, Action Self Defense was created to provide quality, effective, self defense instruction for those seeking self-confidence and self-defense techniques in threatening situations.

About Our Instructors

President & CEO - Diane Reeve


After almost 30 years of martial arts training, 20 of which as owner of my own martial arts school, I have seen countless women either begin training or refuse to train due to prior abusive relationships.

I learned that abused women sometimes have to take things in smaller steps. Also, although they may not have experienced abuse first hand, sometimes women want to feel safer and more confident "Just in case". It is for these and other women that I created Action Self Defense.

The mission of Action Self Defense is to afford girls and women an opportunity to quickly and effectively learn real world self defense techniques that will promote their confidence and empowerment.

The name itself was selected to suggest that taking ACTION to help oneself as a preventative or as a remedy is a courageous way to respond to difficult circumstances.

I believe that women are strong and powerful caretakers, but that they can always use more focus on caring for themselves. I believe that all women should have the knowledge and wherewithal to defend themselves or their loved ones, should it become necessary.


Ms. Reeve holds a 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, as well as Black Belts in three other styles (Kenpo, Kobudo, Jujutsu).

She holds a Master Degree in Education, and has been owner and chief instructor of Vision Martial Arts Center since 1995. Ms. Reeve has been certified by World Black Belt, Inc., to teach the American Airlines cockpit & cabin crews self defense. She has promoted over 170 people to Black Belt and has written numerous articles for martial arts magazines. Ms. Reeve was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2014 and received the Paul H. Chapman award from The Foundation for Improvement of Justice for her significant contribution to the improvement in justice in America.